Coal Factory Tito πŸ‡­πŸ‡· – Abandoned coal mine transshipment facility

Factory Potpican 1 van 1 17

The Istrian coal mines, had by far the most important and economically the most valuable deposits of the anthracite coal reserves in Croatia since the 18th century until the year 1999, when their excavation and use in the coal-fired power plant Plomin ceased.

The coal is found within the Palaeocene Kozina limestone beds. Four coal basins, Karojba, Sveti Martin, Pićan, and the Labin basin, hosted seven coal mines, e.g. Tupljak, Potpićan, Kozljak, Štrmac, Raőa, Ripenda, and Krapan. The coal has been generally known under the name of Raőa coal.