Grand Hotel Prealpi (IT) – The former Grand Hotel in Varese foothills of the Alps

The midsection of this building opened in 1912 as Grand Hotel Prealpi. During the First World War the two wings were added and it was converted into a military hospital. 

During the Second World War, Grand Hotel Prealpi was transformed into a school for the children of the fallen of the Second World War. Many children learned and lived here under terrible conditions; a lot of children told of the cruelty of the teachers and the nuns who ran the school.

The nuns were very strict and there are rumours that the children were locked up naked in cold small rooms when they had complains.

Today, the building is in a terrible state of neglect and decay; the old and beautiful Art Nouveau style on the outside is slowly falling apart. It has become a toilet for goats: in fact, most floors are literally covered with carpets made from their dung.