Hasborner Mill – a beautiful forgotten place in the Eifel

While on a short vacation in the Eifel area in Germany I found this place on the map and it seemed interesting enough to go for an explore. After I parked the car I walked down the forest path and after about ten minutes I saw the abandoned buildings looming in the forest.

It is a beautiful and peaceful place, in the middle of the forest next to the Sammentbach stream. With a little imagination you can still imagine how people lived, worked and spent their holiday here!

I found some history about this place. The Hasborner Mill, built on the right side of the Sammetbach, already existed in the late Middle Ages; in 1493 it is mentioned by Goerz in the registers of the archbishops of Trier.
The last miller was Heinrich Schwarz (no family of me) who ran the mill from 1912 to 1943. After his death, the widow Elisabeth continued to run the mill until 1948. The last resident of the mill, Hubert Schönhofen, operated the mill until 1957.
After that it was used as an inn and restaurant with even a small swimming pool, but now it is abandoned for decades. In 2020, the restaurant building burned down. After the remains were cleared away, nothing else happened and nature took over again.