Hotel Goričina (HR) – a haunting relic of the past

The abandoned Hotel Goričina II in Kupari stands as a haunting relic of the past, frozen in time amidst the picturesque landscape. This once-luxurious resort, located on the Adriatic coast, was a jewel of Yugoslavian tourism before falling victim to the ravages of war.

The scars of conflict are evident in the shattered windows and crumbling walls, rendering it a silent witness to a tumultuous history. For urban explorers, the allure of Hotel Goričina lies in its eerie atmosphere and the stories it tells. Nature has started to reclaim the structure, with vines creeping through broken windows and birds making their nests in the decaying remains. The forgotten corridors and empty rooms whisper tales of bygone days when this coastal retreat was filled with laughter and joy.

I explored the hotels at the bay of Kupari in 2021 at a temperature of 38 degrees. It was great to have a swim afterwards and relax on the beach!