Hotel Xenia – Abandoned ruin built on an archaeological site

At the neck of the Akronaflia peninsula, on top of the hill, on one of the most shocking plots of land in Greece, where for much of the country’s modern history prisons for politicians and other prisoners were located, stands a long narrow three-story corpse. It is a large, abandoned concrete building.

The prison opened in 1937, where thousands of left-wing activists were imprisoned and tortured. In 1966, Akronaflia’s prisons were empty, while the junta demolished them in 1970 to build Hotel Xenia, which covered the entire archaeological site.

It is built on top of the castle, a unique location, with stunning views of Palamidi, Arvanitia beach and the sea on one side, the old town of Nafplio and the sea on the other.

Xenia Hotel opened in 1961. It was designed by architect Ioannis Triantafylidis, one of the talented young architects who designed hotels on various locations around the country. It had 58 rooms.

Now the hotel is a spectacular ruin on a stunning location with beautiful views. It will almost certainly collapse entirely on its own and will become one and unchanging with the Venetian and Ottoman ruins around it. The Greeks and tourists of the future will not be able to distinguish one from the other. We will step on them to see the view better!