Old trainstation in the Peloponnese – abandoned rusted steam locomotives

The summer holidays of 2023 we spent in Athens, Kalamata and Nafplio. In Kalamata I had already become acquainted with the old railway network of the Peloponnese. Some old locomotives were parked at the former station. Nice to see, but located in a landscaped park, so not really abandoned and interesting for an urban explorer.

However, things got interesting during our stay in Nafplio when I was searching Google Maps for a nice beach on the bay and my eye fell on an abandoned railway station located on the Nafplio-Kalamata railway line.  Once we arrived at our destination we quickly found the deserted station, located a few dozen meters from the sea. Next to the old station building and the dilapidated maintenance shed, we saw six steam locomotives and a diesel locomotive that were rusting and decaying.

More about the history of this beautiful railway line next time, but first a preview of this great urbex spot!