Erholungsheim Hermann Duncker (DE) – an abandoned retirement home in the Harz mountains

Erholungsheim Hermann Duncker 3

During the return trip from a short holiday in the Harz Mountains last summer, we took a short break for this beautiful location. We were dropped by our fellow explorer Lia, who then looked for a strategic place to keep an eye on things. Twan and I were able to stretch our legs for a while in this large building, where the great decline started a long time ago. With some crumbled ceilings and stairs that are not completely reliable, a great challenge!

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Farm Aldskou (NL)

Aldskou 2

I think this abandoned farm near a big lake used to be part of a sailing school after it lost it’s agricultaral functions. There are a few small boats left in the big shed, but I didn’t find any other information about the history yet.

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Petrova Gora Monument (HR) – Communist monument built in memory of the Croatian partisan victims of World War II

Uprising Monument 31

This huge memorial building at the mountain Petrova Gora is dedicated to the uprising of the people of Kordun and Banija, to remember those who fought bravely against the spread of fascism during 1941 and 1942. The site has fallen into severe disrepair however, with many of the polished metal panels falling away from the building to expose a skeletal frame.

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