Restaurant Monsanto (PT)

The Monsanto building is located on a hill outside Lisbon and this place gives a magnificent panoramic view over the city. The building was designed by architect Chaves da Costa as a restaurant and integrates several works of art: panels and reliefs by Querubim Lapa, paint by Luis Dourdil and tile of Manuela Madureira.
The Monsanto restaurant, built by the city of Lisbon in 1968, is abandoned for almost 15 years, completely stripped and now in a state of decay.

We were very lucky at this one: if we had left the building one minute later the Portugese police should be standing at the fence waiting for us. And that was after some Belgian people scared the shit out of us while we were exploring the building, we heard sirenes passing by and we couldn’t leave the location because there were some military activities at the property nearby. So, it was a great explore!